Announcement regarding Live Q&A

Hello and welcome to exampundit. A lot of people have requested us to arrange live discussions on Specific Subjects on a weekly basis. So we will have topicwise live Q&A on a weekly basis. Twice every week, we will have live Q&A on specific subjects. The subject will be mentioned in the Ask The Mentor page.

We are providing 6 names from aspirants, who will be leading those discussions.
1) Bahubaali
2) Gaurav Monga
3) Chitrarth
4) S Dixit
5) Optimus Prime
6) the fighter

Its not necessary for them to be active every week. However, any one, present in the discussions will lead it.

The lead names will change on the basis of performance.

The first Live Q&A will be on – Quantitative Aptitude – Chitrarth/Optimus/Gaurav should lead it.

The date will be 30 May i.e. monday.


Team ExamPundit